Ski course for adults

Good is not good enough!

Beginners or advanced – both are in good hands at the Unterwurzacher ski school.

Easily reach the next level and find the fun of winter sports. ‘I’m not that type for private lessons because I’m on holiday to meet new people. I still have contact with the people from my very first ski course,” says Martin from Vienna.

However, gunter Unterwurzacher has a credo: “Individual support is also part of the group. So everyone gets the most out of themselves!

Prices for beginners (4 hours per day) – course starts exclusively on Sunday 
1 Tag€ 100,-
4 Tage€ 230,-
Prices for advanced students * – Course start Sunday 
1 half day (2 hrs)€ 70,-
Each additional half day (2 hrs.) – up to 4 half days possible€ 40,-

* Course times will be announced at the time of registration on site.

Please direct inquiries and reservations to: ski school@unterwurzacher. com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)