Interesting facts about canyoning


Canyoning – also known as canyon hiking – is a nature experience of a special kind! Scenic gorges are crossed by abseiling, climbing, jumping, sliding and swimming. Whether in Austria, Italy or Switzerland, we have selected the most beautiful canyons for you and offer the right challenge for every level of difficulty. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you.


Canyoning I:
Beginner tour, no experience required, average condition

Canyoning II:
not suitable for beginners, good condition and sure-footedness required

Canyoning III:
Canyoning experience, sure-footedness, freedom from dizziness, good swimming skills, good physical condition, very good condition

Weekly and weekend tours:

Requirements: like Canyoning III

Special canyoning equipment is provided by us.

You have to bring your own: towel, swimwear and shoes (which may get wet, e.g. trekking or sneakers), also own meals during day trips.
For a fee (€ 5.-) it is possible to rent canyoning shoes.
From Canyoning II professional footwear is mandatory.

Qualification and safety:
We guarantee you a high level of security. Our tours are carried out exclusively by certified canyoning guides with official approval, as has been the case since April 2011 in the state of Salzburg.

Telephone inquiry: +43 6565 22600